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John Joe Gray in front of gate John Joe Gray

"I have come out of the system of the Corporate U.S. government. I use no Social Security number, do no banking, pay no income tax, do not carry license or insurance." John Joe Gray, November 11, 1998

Overview: John Joe Gray and family takes up arms against the secular forces. The Gray family denies being members of the Embassy of Heaven Church and claims to be militia. Church does not support the taking up of arms by the Grays or by the secular forces. The Church asks that everyone pray for the Grays and the secular forces so that every soul can be saved.

The following Chronology of events is organized from the bottom to the top. If you are new to this page, read the articles at the bottom first. If you have been here before, then read the articles that are located at the top. The John Joe Gray incident is getting international attention. Please read the articles with discernment. The issues are much deeper than what appears on the surface. This is a war over kingdoms.

Chronology of events

Monday September 29, 2003

The HoustonChronicle.com - Dad chafes at 4-year standoff at compound.

Friday March 23, 2001

The Dallas Morning News - Texas farm standoff enters second year.

Wednesday September 6, 2000

James Whale Interviews Pastor Paul Revere on TalkSport Radio in U. K.

Sunday September 3, 2000

Grays involvement with Embassy of Heaven Church. Associated Press article about Gray does not include their interview with the Church.

Friday September 1, 2000

Electronic Telegraph completely messes up the story.

Thursday August 31, 2000

Embassy of Heaven Church position on "Taking up the Sword."

Thursday August 31, 2000

Alex Jones interviews John Joe Gray on Genesis Communication. John Joe Gray states that he is not a member of the Embassy of Heaven Church.

Thursday August 31, 2000

The Times in London takes another stab at the Grays.

Wednesday August 30, 2000

OpenForum users plot to kill the Grays.

Wednesday August 30, 2000

The Washington Post reports. Waiting Game in Shadow of Waco.

Friday August 18, 2000

Press Release by Alicia Gray. Alicia Gray states that they are not members of the Embassy of Heaven Church.

Friday August 18, 2000

Houston Chronicle reports. Standoff continues amid attack rumors.

Wednesday August 16, 2000 Evening

John Parsons says that the feds appear to be backing off. The surveillance equipment that was visible yesterday was moved out this morning. Alicia (John Joe's wife) believes they may have retreated because of the massive response of people who have been making calls and getting involved. While this is a temporary reprieve, the situation is far from being resolved.

Wednesday August 16, 2000 Morning

Pastor Revere interviews John Parsons, who just visited John Joe Gray.

Tuesday August 15, 2000

John Joe Gray is now under siege. This is not hearsay. I just talked with Alicia Gray (wife) at 3:50 P.M.. Forces and channel 4 from Dallas are mounting in front of their place. FORWARD THIS TO ALL. THIS IS IT -- [email from John Parsons]

Reporter Alex Jones was on the scene at 11:30 p.m. He reports that there are 10 adults and 7 children within the Gray property. He noticed that a wireless surveillance camera was dismantled. He also saw cattle trailers being pulled in and other large equipment.

"The only bunker on the property is for the seven children. It is clearly marked with a large red sign stating "kids." This has been done to protect the children so than none will be killed. The 10 adults plan on staying above ground and defending the property. John Joe Gray has stated that he will protect his property unto death and that his back has been pushed against the wall."

"They were going to move in this morning. They were going to move in with MJTF SWAT Teams. . . We were inside the property and John Joe Gray said, 'Alex, you know you're a leader and we listen to your show all the time and they will want to kill you when they come in here in the morning. . . . I would at least like you to go outside the gate so that they won't claim that we shot you in some friendly fire.' I said that makes a lot of sense because I was going to stay. It was already 3 in the morning."

Wednesday August 9, 2000

Statement by "Friends of Liberty", Shonda M. Ponder, Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday August 8, 2000

Houston Chronicle publishes second inflammatory article. There is still no event and is generally a mirror of the Dallas Observer article.

Thursday July 27, 2000

Dallas Observer publishes first inflammatory article. There is no event. The focus is on the safety of the Gray children. The same issue has an article in favor of child pornography.

Wednesday December 9, 1998

Athens Daily Review publishes this article which shows the beginnings of the molesting of John Joe Gray and family by the secular forces.

September 3, 2000

John Joe Gray in 6th week standoff (Associated Press)

September 1, 2000

John Joe Gray is going to kill himself (Real bad reporting by Electronic Telegraph)

August 31, 2000

John Joe Gray goes international (The Times in London)

August 30, 2000

John Joe Gray and the waiting game (The Washington Post)

August 18, 2000

John Joe Gray and rumors of attack (Houston Chronicle)

August 8, 2000

John Joe Gray and family being targeted. (Houston Chronicle)

July 27, 2000

John Joe Gray and family being targeted. (Dallas Observer)

December 15, 1998

Racheal Dempsey does not go to secular court. Dempsey a no-show at municipal court

December 11, 1998

John Joe Gray released from jail. Racheal Dempsey is talked about. Militia e-mail list talks up Dempsey case

December 9, 1998

John Joe Gray taken to jail. All in the family

December 3, 1998

Racheal Dempsey released from jail. Charges dropped against woman with heavenly ID; grand jury to hear felony charge

November 27, 1998

Racheal Dempsey taken to jail. License from 'heaven' lands woman in jail