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Update on David Brugger

March 21st, Year of Our Lord, 2005

Charges dismissed by District Attorney and David is released after 30 days of fasting. Praise the Lord.

March 16th, Year of Our Lord, 2005

David was weighed and checked by nurse. He weighs 160 pounds and has lost 25 pounds. His pulse is 68 and blood pressure is 110/80. They pinched his skin and he is not dehydrated.

February 22, Year of Our Lord, 2005

Pepper-Sprayed for Not Giving Fingerprints.

On the morning of February 22, 2005, David Z. Brugger was arrested by Marion County Sheriffs Department near Stayton, Oregon. When stopped, he gave the officer his Kingdom of Heaven passport, Driver License, Vehicle Registration and Mutual Assurance documents. The officer asked for Davids real name and would not believe him when he said that David Z. Brugger was his real name. David also gave his Born-again birth date when asked for a date-of-birth, as well as showing the officer documents that contained his physical date of birth. David also tried to show the officer an abstract of his driving record and a copy of Kingdom of Heaven Unlocked, but the officer refused to accept them.

While David was being arrested, he was not allowed to hand over his personal possessions to his female companion and she was told to pack up the things in the car because the car was being towed. David was taken to jail and his companion was left stranded.

The next day a friend tried to visit Brugger at the jail and was told he was not allowed visitors. It was learned that because David was not cooperating, he was being held in an administrative unit (solitary confinement) without privileges. Charges included Giving False Information to a Police Officer.

Brugger was brought in for arraignment on Friday, Feb. 25th and a friend came to the hearing and gave the magistrate legal papers concerning David. The magistrate refused to look at them. David tried to speak, but was cut off after about one minute. Brugger was told he was to remain in jail until the 8th of March and would be psychologically evaluated in the meantime. No one on the outside received a phone call or letter for a week and a half.

Finally David wrote the following:

The judge ordered that they get fingerprints. I refused to walk to their machine so they decided to use a restraint chair. I told them that none of them had anything to fear from me, but I wouldn't let them take my prints. Well, rather than taking me by the wrist and setting me in the chair, they sprayed me with a direct strong stream of pepper spray for 15 or more seconds.

I stood up and surrendered my hands for cuffs rather than have the psycho kids do it again. They took me away and it affected each and everyone that was in the large area worse than me in the small cell. All those that entered that night coughed and choked uncontrollably. A couple of hours later I was given a damp towel. I knew it was going to hurt badly, but I had to get the bulk of it off. Two other times I got chunks in my eyes from the spray in my hair that hurt really bad. I decided to try to use the sink later that day and it left my head, face and arms on full fire with no window to jump out of. Friday morning was similar, mixing the water and pepper together was enough to leave burns, but no skin loss.

When offered breakfast, I said, No thank you, I don't eat State cheese. One of the officers said my State cheese comment made the email rounds to all the jailers and local cop crowd.

I've been getting some good ministering in this Monday morning the 28th of February and have calmed some troubled spirits last night. The officers have been noticing, too. Praise God Almighty and His ever living Word, to whom all the glory is gotten. Amen.

As far as we know, David Z. Brugger is laying down his life in prayer and fasting for the jailers, judges and police officers involved. May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. Please pray that David remains steadfast through these trials and that the hearts of his captors are softened through his suffering.