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David Justice David Justice

Convicted by a state jury for driving with a Kingdom of Heaven Driver License, Vehicle Plates, Vehicle Registration, and Insurance. Sentenced to six months. Release date is June 13.

January 20, 2003

I was convicted by a jury for driving with a kingdom of heaven license, plate, insurance, registration. I have been traveling with Embassy of Heaven identification papers for more than ten years now. I was sentenced to six months. My release date is June 13. I managed to get out of jail on a work release program, for the hours of 8-6, Sunday through Friday, but have no work at this time. I must line up my own work to pay the jail $410 a month (rent) to maintain the work release program for an indentured servant. This I am more than willing and am able to do. I am presently looking for work.
Sent by David Justice.

David's release date has been moved back. It is no longer June 13th. He had another 3 months added on to his sentence. [Gregory Williams]

David was released in August. [unverified]

December 27, 2002

The Police came by the house Friday afternoon and took David to jail. [Jake Justice]

Gunnison County Jail
200 East Virginia Ave
Gunnison, Colorado 81230
Phone: (970) 641-1108

Spring of 2000

Correspondence by David Justice after he appeared on John Bryant's radio program. "Measuring Success"

February 27, 1998

Associated Press - Ambassador from Heaven loses appeal

Radio Program 1998

David Justice, an Ambassador of Jesus Christ, shares his method of throwing off government oppression at Colorado. He uses the Declaration of Independence as his tool to fight an oppressive government. This is the document that was used by his oppressors to throw off their oppressors. If they find him guilty, then they find themselves guilty. This argument caused a secular court to dismiss the charges rather than expose themselves as tyrants.

June 30, 1993

Embassy of Heaven Church corresponds with Oregon DMV. David Justice is suspended as if he were a resident of Oregon.