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karl-Alan ben Paul of the house of Schoenwader

Ambassador Karl-Alan ben Paul of the house of Schoenwalder

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Karl-Alan was traveling in the Green Lake area near Seattle Washington. The secular police did not recognize the Kingdom of Heaven and stopped his Heaven plated vehicle. They could not find the Vehicle Identification Number in their secular records. Four additional patrol cars were summoned and a police sergeant. The supervisor instructed that Karl be arrested on suspicion of auto theft despite there being no reports or complaints of such. Karl was booked by the King County Jail for the county ordinance SMC 11.59.040, "refusal to give information or to cooperate with officer."

Karl-Alan identified himself as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven by presenting his Passport. The secular police confiscated his passport, handcuffed him, and took him to King County Jail. The car was impounded and even though the city admits that they have no police hold on the vehicle, the tow yard is refusing to return the church's property. The tow yard and the city is demanding that Karl become one of their citizens and register church property with the State before they will release the property.

Ambassador Elijah Hughes was a guest in the vehicle. He attempted to reason with the officers. They refused to talk with him and allowed him to walk away from the scene.

He has been incarcerated in isolation and also in the psychiatric ward. He has been denied assistance of counsel since his arrest. He has been denied access to the law library or pencil and paper in order to handle his own legal affairs. He has not been convicted of anything but is merely being held. His basic due process right is to be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

Released June 6, 2003