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Cleve Wesley: Stutzman Beaten on Bathtub

Letter from Cleve Wesley: Stutzman

March 10, 1999
Embassy of Heaven Church
Stayton, Oregon

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus our Lord. I received your cassette tape about being stopped at gun point. The enemy is becoming more corrupt all the time.

I have been having new experiences also. I was supposed to appear at the Hamilton County jail motel in November 1998, but I don't volunteer for some things very well.

On February 4, 1999, two officers appeared at the door to take me for a vacation. As they did not have a warrant for my arrest, I refused to go with them. I went back into the apartment. They pursued me, breaking into two doors. I had just gotten into the bathroom and pushed the door shut, without latching it, when they burst into the room, throwing me across the bathtub and breaking two ribs and partially collapsing my lung. I spent about six days in the hospital and am still under the care of a doctor.

A deputy sheriff came to me in the emergency room with his tape recorder, informing me that I was still in his custody and should not try to run away, as it would add more to the charges.

I appreciate that he made that commitment, as they are getting all the bills for that which they caused.

Hoping this finds you all well and happy in the Lord.

Cleve Wesley: Stutzman

Notice: Beware of this 76 year-old man. He is very dangerous; approach carefully. He is armed with the Word of God.

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