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David Justice

Ambassador from Heaven loses appeal

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Associated Press - February 27, 1998

DENVER - A man fighting traffic tickets in Gunnison County lost his appeal when the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled the State Department doesn't acknowledge a "Kingdom of Heaven."

David Justice had contended that the Gunnison County Court had no jurisdiction over "an ambassador and public minister of the Kingdom of Heaven."

He claimed that the U. S. Constitution requires that all cases involving ambassadors be tried before the Supreme Court.

The Gunnison County District Court denied his motion for summary judgment, ruling Justice wasn't the type of ambassador covered by the Constitution. The court of appeals agreed with the district court.

"In order for diplomatic status to attach, a state's sovereignty must be recognized by the executive branch of the United States government through the Department of State," the appeals court ruled Thursday.

"We are not aware of any declaration by the Department of State that the Kingdom of Heaven is a recognized sovereign."