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Amos Warren Lamb Amos Warren Lamb


July 12, 2002

Amos Lamb finally walked out of jail July 12, 2002, after being imprisoned 175 days for standing on his convictions. In January of this year, Lamb declined to stand when the magistrate entered the room. He said that would be idolatry. For these convictions, he spent 6 months in jail. His family suffered many difficulties and he faced much opposition from pagan jailers and inmates. Even so, Lamb remains unmoved. He calmly said, "There is nothing besides Him."

When asked about enduring such a long jail stay, he said that six months is but a moment for Him, who has promised us eternal life.

January 23, 2002

Amos is in jail at Calloway County. His arrest, and all, was in Calloway County. However for the convenience of Graves County judge Royse Buck, Amos was transported by a Calloway county sheriff deputy to Graves County Court. When the bailiff says "All rise!" Amos did not stand. The judge told him it was 6 months in jail if he did not. Amos told the judge, to him it was idolatry and he had to live by his convictions. The judge said to take him back to Calloway county. So the deputy did. This is where he is today. Jailed for not standing.

January 16, 2002

His wife talked Amos into being bonded out. Sorry people, my mistake.

January 14, 2002

Amos was in court on a different case and was arrested for failure to appear. Just when, I do not know.

October 26, 2001

Court date was postponed because Ann Wilson, the county clerk, died. The court house was closed in her honor.

June 20, 2001

Amos filed for Bill of Particulars. This was to understand the nature and cause.

July 18, 2001

Court Date. Was postponed because court has to find judge.

June 7, 2001

Police stop by Trooper Russell Boyd. (He already knew Amos did not have state drivers license because he has stopped him before) Amos got usual tickets (no drivers license, improper use of tags, no insurance).

Submitted by Shari Anne Lamb.

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