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Kenneth-Charles Baunee Kenneth-Charles Baunee

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Kenneth-Charles Baunee

May 8, Year of Our Lord, 2005

Details are a little sketchy, but it appears Kenneth-Charles Baunee was arrested on May 8th, after one of his vehicle lights went out. He has been sitting in jail for the cause of the Kingdom since that day. He is being housed at the Vista Detention Facility by the San Diego Sheriff's Department. The charges they have listed include Obstruction of a Public Officer, Driver License Supended, Giving Police False Registration, False I.D. to Specific Police Officer, and Giving False Information to a Police Officer.

A secular court appearance is scheduled for June 14th at 8:30 a.m.

According to the Church records, Baunee expatriated from the world and became a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven when he was baptized in December of 1964. On December 11th, 2004, Baunee signed a formal declaration of his citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven and filed it with the Embassy of Heaven. He also requested and received a Heaven Driver Identification Card and Heaven Passport. Baunee is steward of three vehicles which are all registered with the Kingdom of Heaven and are current. The acts which Baunee performed are lawful from which he comes, the Kingdom of Heaven. No man can obey two governments.

Please pray that Kenneth is able to lay his life down in submission to the will of our Heavenly Father and that the hearts of his captors be softened toward the Kingdom of Heaven.