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Thomas Robert

Ambassador Thomas Robert

Heaven Passport #1057097, Issue Date 08-13-98
Heaven Driver License #1094671, Issue Date 08-13-98
1989 Toyota Pickup, VIN: JT4RN81RXK5021917
Heaven Certificate of Title #1746902, Issue 11-27-95
Heaven Tag #712317, Issue Date 11-27-95

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Thomas Robert bailed out of jail. Listen to Radio interview - TB0005 - Road Blocks.


By Karen

On Wednesday, January 19, my husband Thomas Robert, who is not a statutory person, not a resident, not a citizen, was stopped at a road block, where the Florida Highway Patrol was checking all drivers for proper paper work. My husband produced a Kingdom of Heaven drivers license, Heaven vehicle registration, and had Kingdom of Heaven tags. The patrol officer, K. F. Brookins would not accept any of these. Tom was placed in the patrol car, while the officer proceeded to tear apart his truck, looking for - I don't know what.

Tom's truck was impounded and Tom was taken to the Columbia County Jail at 9:30 am. Tom wasn't allowed a phone call until 7:30 that evening. He started fasting upon incarceration.

He was placed in a holding cell and told he would be going to his bond hearing the next morning. On the following morning, Thursday, they informed him they were holding the hearing without him. He later was informed that his bail was set at two thousand dollars and he had been charged with no drivers license and no vehicle identification number. When we called the jail, Thursday morning, we were told he had been released. After not getting a phone call from Tom we called again and were told he was being held on an $8500 bond. Thursday, late afternoon, he was taken from the holding cell to be fingerprinted. He refused. While handcuffed the correction officers took a bottle of pepper spray liquid (approximately 10 ounces) and poured it onto his face, making sure it was in his eyes and up his nose. The officers then took each finger one by one, forcing his fingers out straight to be fingerprinted. This set of fingerprints did not take so bodily force was used to take another set of prints.

Tom was then placed in the general facility area. He was refused a sweatshirt and socks. He has been refused his reading glasses. They have informed him if he does not eat he will be placed in solitary confinement. Tom is still fasting. He has only had two pieces of bread since Wednesday. He has been taking his tray of food back to his cell mates.

He has requested our priest since the first day. Our priest has tried to get in on numerous occasions. After contacting the Sheriff, our priest was told he would be allowed to get in. The sheriff said that he had been experiencing employee problems. Today, Tuesday, January 25, he finally was allowed in to see Tom.

We were informed that Tom's visiting hours were Saturday. I was put on Tom's list of who he wanted to visit. I went down to the jail and was told it was not his visiting day, and that there was no list for him, anyway. I asked them if they would give Tom a pair of socks and a few Christian inspirational pamphlets I had brought. They said the socks were OK but no religious papers were allowed (Only if they are brought in by the clergy who they refused to let in). Tom did receive the socks. Tom has requested another visitors card since Saturday which he has still not received. Since today is Tuesday, his visiting day, no one will be allowed to see him because we are told they didn't have a visitors card filled out by Tom. Tom has also had to wait two days for toilet paper. On phone calls we usually are warned that we have 30 seconds. After talking about the Kingdom of Heaven and Tom being on the internet, we were cut off immediately.

We have been going down to the courthouse and calling there since Thursday to get the name of the judge, case number, etc. We are informed each day that sometimes it takes two weeks to get the paper work.

Tom requested a radio. We called and were told he could have one. It had to be brand new and still in the blister pack from the store. One was purchased for him. We took the radio, a pair of socks, glasses, and a prayer book. The correction officers said he could have the radio, socks, and glasses, but not the prayer book. After speaking with Tom he has received everything but the radio. It took five days to receive his glasses so he can now read the Bible our priest brought to him. His phone calls to me are now blocked. They said he called that number too much. We now wait at a friends to hear from him.

He has told me that the inmates have been wonderful and he has been having prayer meetings. He is growing weary and the days are so long. Even though he had been sick for three weeks prior to being incarcerated, after losing 10 pounds from his sickness, he still fasts and waits on the Lord. He is standing up for the Lord and needs all your prayers and phone calls to the jail. One of the guards said to him yesterday, "you must have a lot of friends, you have been getting a lot of phone calls on your behalf. Do you know anything about that?" Tom said he just shrugged and smiled to the Lord for all the brothers of Christ who take the time to call. This could happen to any of us. Please support Tom with your phone calls to the jail. As soon as we get the judges names and numbers, we will let you know.


Thomas Robert was arrested at a road block on January 19, Year of our Lord, 2000. At 9:30 a.m., he was traveling in a Heaven licensed truck when he drove up to a road block. All licenses were being checked. He presented his Heaven license, but they refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of Heaven. Truck was impounded and he was taken to Columbia County Jail in Lake City, Florida. The jail telephone number is (904) 755-7000. Thomas Robert was able to call his wife at 7:00 p.m. EST. He is fasting and scheduled to appear before them on the 20th.


Ticket #1201006833

Arresting Officers - K. F. Brookins and Sergeant J. W. Gay of Florida Highway Patrol.

Highway Patrol - 2402 W US Highway 90; Lake City, Florida; Telephone: (904) 758-0515.

Columbia County Jail; Florida Avenue; Lake City, Florida; Telephone: (904) 755-7000.

County Attorney - Marlin Feagle

Mayor - W. Raymond Kirkland

Circuit Court Clerk - Dewitt Cason; 145 N Hernando Street; Lake City, Florida; Telephone: (904) 758-1041.

Circuit Court Judge - Unknown; 145 N Hernando Street; Lake City, Florida; Telephone  (904) 758-1010.

Columbia County Sheriff's - Frank Owens; 145 Hernando Street; Lake City, Florida 32055; Telephone: (904) 752-9212.

Tow Yard - Barbers Towing; PO Box 134; High Springs, Florida 32655; Telephone: (904) 454-2250.